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  • Can You Sue A Midwife For Birth Injuries?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 17-Aug-2017

    Midwives are a common option for pregnant mothers who prioritize the natural aspects of childbirth, especially when they prefer home births or private birthing centers over childbirth in a hospital. Although midwifery models of care aim to minimize technological intervention in favor of more natural support and comprehensive care, midwives are still trained and licensed medical professionals. As ...
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  • Did Your Doctor Fail To Detect A Complication in Time?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 14-Aug-2017

    When many people think of medical malpractice and patient injuries, they tend to think of physicians who cause direct injuries to the individuals they treat. These may include medication errors involving the wrong drug being given to a patient, or surgical errors in which instruments are left behind or nearby organs are damaged. While these are certainly examples of medical malpractice, they are ...
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  • Cerebral Palsy & Language Development

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 3-Aug-2017

    Communication is vital to a child’s wellbeing and development, but children with cerebral palsy may struggle to develop their language skills as easily as other children. About 20% of children with cerebral palsy have severe communication impairment, but many children diagnosed with cerebral palsy experience some level of speech disruption. It is important to support the development of ...
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  • Beam & Raymond Win $15M Settlement for Brain Damage Birth Injury Case

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 26-Jul-2017

    A 6-year-old girl with cerebral palsy finally saw closure for her birth injury case, resulting in a $15 million settlement in her favor. Our client, Nyelle Brown, suffered severe brain damage during her delivery in 2011. After filing a 2013 medical malpractice lawsuit against a Chicago land hospital, her family alleged the Chicago Heights hospital had not delivered her soon enough, resulting in an ...
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  • The Connection Between Nuchal Cord and Birth Asphyxia

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 25-Jul-2017

    A nuchal cord refers to an umbilical cord that has wrapped around a baby’s neck. As a complication that occur in roughly 20 to 30 percent of pregnancies, a nuchal cord may or may not have an adverse effect on newborns. However, it does increase risks of birth injuries, including those resulting from lowered blood flow and birth asphyxia, or oxygen deprivation. Although a nuchal cord cannot ...
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  • What Research Is Being Conducted Regarding Cerebral Palsy Treatment & Prevention?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 20-Jul-2017

    Many of our blogs have focused on cerebral palsy, a group of movement disorders that may result from brain damage during labor or birth. This includes information about diagnosing cerebral palsy, the costs of raising a child with the condition, and health concerns associated with cerebral palsy as children age, among others. In this blog we will discuss ongoing research into cerebral palsy ...
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  • How Long Can a Baby Survive Without Oxygen At Birth?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 14-Jul-2017

    In a previous blog, we detailed the long-term effects of birth asphyxia, or oxygen deprivation, that occurs during labor and delivery. The longer oxygen deprivation lasts, and the more severe it is, babies are exposed to increased risks of serious brain damage, life-altering conditions such as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), and even death. As such, it becomes critical that treating medical ...
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  • What Are the Long-Term Effects of Birth Asphyxia?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 10-Jul-2017

    Birth asphyxia, or perinatal asphyxia, refers to oxygen deprivation during labor or delivery long enough to cause physical harm, and particularly brain damage. This oxygen deprivation can result from many factors, including excessive contractions, umbilical cord compression, preeclampsia, and instances of medical malpractice, including failure to respond to fetal distress in a timely or ...
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  • At What Age Can Cerebral Palsy Be Diagnosed?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 28-Jun-2017

    Cerebral palsy refers to permanent movement disorders that can result from birth injury, and particularly from brain damage that occurs during or shortly after birth. This brain damage may be caused by failures to perform a timely C-section, failures to diagnose or treat certain conditions (infections, hypoglycemia, seizures, etc.), or by other instances of negligence which results in oxygen ...
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  • How Much Compensation Can You Recover In A Birth Injury Lawsuit?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 23-Jun-2017

    Following preventable birth injuries, victims and families have the right to hold negligent medical care providers liable for the damages they caused. Given the profound physical, financial, and emotional toll that coincides with birth injuries, especially injuries that result in long-term or permanent impairment, these cases can provide families with the opportunity to recover substantial ...
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  • Doug Raymond Speaks at 2017 Pacific Perinatal Conference

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 6-Jun-2017

    On April 21, 2017 Douglas Raymond of Beam & Raymond was an invited keynote speaker at the Pacific Perinatal Conference. The PPC is an important professional group of nurses, midwives and physicians who gather for continuous education requirements in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Raymond lectured the nurses and physicians about medical and nursing liability for perinatal birth injuries in the womb ...
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  • Red Nose Day Dedicated to Supporting the National Resources Defense Counsel

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 24-May-2017

    This year for Red Nose Day, Beam & Raymond is making a donation to the National Resources Defense Counsel. Of course, since the 1970’s the NRDC has been a strong legal advocate for our environment and Mother Earth, but what, someone might ask, does that have to do with child safety and health? Everything and now more than ever! In 2016 a minority of Americans managed - with Russian ...
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  • What Should You Know Before Your C-Section?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 20-May-2017

    A Cesarean section, or C-section, is a relatively common operation to limiting risks during problematic or higher risk pregnancies and deliveries, accounting for roughly a third of all deliveries in the U.S. Although they are used fairly often and as a means to mitigate risks, C-sections are not risk-free nor are they procedures to take lightly. At Beam & Raymond, our Chicago birth injury ...
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  • The Cost of Raising a Child with Cerebral Palsy

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 16-May-2017

    Cerebral palsy is a life-long condition, and one that can create a number of limitations and difficulties for both victims and their families. While the condition has physical and emotional consequences for families, it also has financial repercussions associated with the costs of care and accommodations a child will require for the rest of their lives. At Beam & Raymond, we know that families ...
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  • Jack Beam Invited to Attend Lectures at the Chatham House in London

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 15-May-2017

    On a recent trip to London Jack was invited to attend lectures at Chatham House regarding "Brexit"-- Britain's exit from the European Union. Chatham House, a/k/a The Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an independent "Think Tank" that analyzes issues of international importance.” The expression “Chatham House Rule” emanates from this institution. ...
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