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  • How Much Compensation Can You Recover In A Birth Injury Lawsuit?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 23-Jun-2017

    Following preventable birth injuries, victims and families have the right to hold negligent medical care providers liable for the damages they caused. Given the profound physical, financial, and emotional toll that coincides with birth injuries, especially injuries that result in long-term or permanent impairment, these cases can provide families with the opportunity to recover substantial ...
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  • Doug Raymond Speaks at 2017 Pacific Perinatal Conference

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 6-Jun-2017

    On April 21, 2017 Douglas Raymond of Beam & Raymond was an invited keynote speaker at the Pacific Perinatal Conference. The PPC is an important professional group of nurses, midwives and physicians who gather for continuous education requirements in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Raymond lectured the nurses and physicians about medical and nursing liability for perinatal birth injuries in the womb ...
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  • Red Nose Day Dedicated to Supporting the National Resources Defense Counsel

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 24-May-2017

    This year for Red Nose Day, Beam & Raymond is making a donation to the National Resources Defense Counsel. Of course, since the 1970’s the NRDC has been a strong legal advocate for our environment and Mother Earth, but what, someone might ask, does that have to do with child safety and health? Everything and now more than ever! In 2016 a minority of Americans managed - with Russian ...
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  • What Should You Know Before Your C-Section?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 20-May-2017

    A Cesarean section, or C-section, is a relatively common operation to limiting risks during problematic or higher risk pregnancies and deliveries, accounting for roughly a third of all deliveries in the U.S. Although they are used fairly often and as a means to mitigate risks, C-sections are not risk-free nor are they procedures to take lightly. At Beam & Raymond, our Chicago birth injury ...
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  • The Cost of Raising a Child with Cerebral Palsy

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 16-May-2017

    Cerebral palsy is a life-long condition, and one that can create a number of limitations and difficulties for both victims and their families. While the condition has physical and emotional consequences for families, it also has financial repercussions associated with the costs of care and accommodations a child will require for the rest of their lives. At Beam & Raymond, we know that families ...
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  • Jack Beam Invited to Attend Lectures at the Chatham House in London

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 15-May-2017

    On a recent trip to London Jack was invited to attend lectures at Chatham House regarding "Brexit"-- Britain's exit from the European Union. Chatham House, a/k/a The Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an independent "Think Tank" that analyzes issues of international importance.” The expression “Chatham House Rule” emanates from this institution. ...
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  • What Causes Cerebral Palsy in Infants?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 10-May-2017

    Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive condition caused by a type of brain damage that happened before, during, or after birth. Cerebral palsy can lead to impairment that affects a child’s ability to control and move their muscles. When it comes to cerebral palsy, parents are rightfully concerned as to how it happened to their child. This question is not always easy to answer. In some cases, ...
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  • How Can You Establish the Cause Of Your Child's Brain Injury?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 6-May-2017

    Brain injuries are among the most concerning physical injuries babies can suffer during birth, and they often have devastating consequences. While some infant brain injuries might result from unpreventable causes, such as infections in the mother or undetectable issues, others result from preventable medical negligence. This negligence can take many forms, including failures to properly monitor a ...
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  • What Types of Birth Injuries Can Be Caused By Forceps & Vacuums?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 1-May-2017

    When labor and delivery become difficult, medical professionals often use medical instruments to facilitate the birthing process. Commonly, these include forceps and vacuum extractors. While they can be effective in assisting with a vaginal birth, they are not without their risks especially if a cesarean section should have been used to deliver. In fact, when used improperly or when used in an ...
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  • What Is The Life Expectancy For Those With Cerebral Palsy?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 28-Apr-2017

    Cerebral palsy is a birth injury that results from brain damage, including brain damage resulting from the negligence of physicians and medical professionals during the delivery process. As a condition that causes permanent movement impairment, cerebral palsy can create a lifetime of limitations and difficulties for victims, as well as for their families. In addition to the many unique issues ...
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  • Cerebral Palsy: Does it Get Worse with Age?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 19-Apr-2017

    Cerebral palsy is a condition that causes permanent movement disorders. Depending on the type of cerebral palsy a person has, and its severity, symptoms may include difficulties with coordination and balance, excessively stiff muscles, weak muscles, and involuntary movement of muscles. Other issues, including problems with speaking, swallowing, hearing, vision, and seizures may also be present. ...
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  • Birth Injury: Did Your Doctor Fail To Perform Hypothermia Therapy?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 14-Apr-2017

    Hypothermia therapy, or head cooling, is a medical approach used to mitigate the effects of oxygen deprivation, or asphyxia, during birth. When a baby suffers from oxygen deprivation, there are substantial risks for brain damage. Hypothermia therapy works by slowing the spread of damage between brain cells, delaying or preventing death of brain cells, and minimizing the degeneration of brain cells ...
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  • Birth Injury: Did Your Doctor Fail to Perform a C-Section?

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 10-Apr-2017

    A Caesarian section, or C-section, is a medical approach to delivering a child when a mother is unable to do so naturally, or when there are medical concerns that necessitate timely delivery. Over the years, C-sections have become a common medical procedure, involving an incision in the abdomen and uterus. While many people know of C-sections, few may realize that it can be an incredibly important ...
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  • Birth Injuries May Be Preventable

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 29-Mar-2017

    As Chicago birth injury attorneys, we understand that families may be concerned about the delivery process and the safety of mothers and children. Medical technology allows doctors, nurses, and hospital staff to monitor the mother during labor. It can provide families some reassurance that labor and delivery will be uncomplicated and handled seamlessly. What is unfortunate, though, is that many ...
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  • Beam & Raymond Proudly Sponsor "Creating History" to Honor Black History Month

    Posted By Beam & Raymond || 16-Feb-2017

    Beam & Raymond are proud supporters of Black History Month and are currently sponsoring “Creating History” with Oscar and Grammy award-winning songwriter Che “Rhymefest” Smith. Every Wednesday, through March 1, the series will showcase the stories and contributions of exceptional African Americans who are making a difference in Chicago. The series has, thus far, had the ...
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